Trusted Chat Information Guard provides the ability to have a Single, Holistic Chat Base across multiple networks and communities while maintaining strict security, control and compartmentalization.

This critical security feature gives administrators the capability to link chat servers in cross domain / cross classification environments while maintaining full user channel and private communication, server access, and file sharing control.

Unify different CLASSIFICATIONS or NATIONS together in common chat channels and in compartmentalized, secure chat groupings, with every element

Key Features

  • Server and Channel Controls – allow linked chat users across different classifications the ability to join common, all user channels and compartmentalized, secure channels in the same network model.  This ensures users can only access authorized channels for their classification
    • Further restrictions can be placed on channels within the same classification environment, limiting certain channels to users with only need to know access – i.e. a group of Secret ‘command level only’ authorized user channels that reside within the Secret server channels
  • Channel Classification Banners – set up to identify each channel grouping (ie. Unclass, Secret, and Top Secret) within cross-community chat setups
  • Dirty Word Lists – Administrators control the user and channel information flow by real-time server monitoring and stripping of chat traffic based on DoD classification lists (dirty word lists), with chat released only if policy allows.
  • Trust Levels – corresponding to classification and clearance, can be assigned to specific users, controlling where, when and with who a user can communicate.
    • If File Transfer is enabled, Trust Levels are structured to follow DoD standards. This feature grants file transfer capability among different users and platforms (air, land, sea, US, REL, NATO, etc), allowing lateral and up-in-classification transfers while restricting down-in-classification file sending.
    • Trust Levels also dictate Private Chat (aka whispers), allowing only lateral chat within trust levels/classifications. This restricts user communication across classifications, where they are only allowed chat in authorized channels that have been created for that purpose and prominently display classification banners.
  • Leadership can Unify as many different user networks and classifications together in this model, adding a server for each classification, nation or group and linking those into the whole
  • Trusted Chat InfoGuard’s software mission is to allow IRC users among different classifications the means to communicate in a single controlled, effective and secure chat environment for in-fight, cross-community coordination.

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