Trusted Chat IRC Server is a multi-server / multi-network / cross-community chat solution.  Trusted Chat IRC Server's core is the most advanced, secure and robust Internet Relay Chat server platform in the world.

Trusted Chat IRC Server's features represent quantum leap approaches in Command and Control (C2), breaking the mold and paradigm of mission chat, evolving it to work into TODAY'S ACTIVE MISSIONS across multiple warfighter networks. Trusted Solutions has developed exclusive server side elements focused on diverse architectures with need for high security, high assurance systems that provide near real-time, multi-user / multi-domain collaboration for the joint warfighter's mission.

As the premier experts in this technology, we've developed hundreds of features and capabilities specifically to meet the requirements of commanders, warfighters, information security personnel, and on-site administrators.

Mission Ready Features & Specifications

Trusted Chat Server's software mission is to connect in-fight chat users into a controlled, effective and secure collaborative chat environment designed for cross-community coordination.

Whether you are a member of your organization's leadership, administration, operations or security team, our Trusted Chat Server solution is packed with features that offer Operability, Reliabilty, Compatability, and Security Regulation Compliance.

Administrative Features         Security Features        Compatability Features       Information Assurance Compliance

Mission Operator & Administrative Features


Multi-Server / Multi-Network/ Partner Nation Capability

  • Developed, in tandem with mission personnel, to work with any IRC client in government and tactical mission environments that require cross-network or cross-community processing
  • Federated Chat Links are created between two or more servers via dedicated server-to-server links, optionally encrypted and compressed, to create in-network redundancy and enable multi-community communications as needed
  • Designed to work optimally with a client's enhanced SSL and Security capabilities to comply with security needs across a wide range of network setups using configurable port mapping and encryption options
  • Engineered and Configurable to work with XMPP Cross Domain, Multi Community Network Models via the Trusted Chat Gateway in order to create secure bridged communications between diverse groups and networks


Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Administrator Control and Awareness Features

  • Behind the Scenes: Keep the Server Running
    Trusted Chat Server has extensive behind the scenes awareness and controls enabling an IRC administrator real-time auditing of all user and internal server events
  • Monitor Normal User Events: Connects, Disconnects, User Counts, User Stats, Nick Name Changes, Topic Changes, etc
  • Keep track of Server Operation: Server Links, Servers Maps, Server connects or splits, Network drops, Services starts and stops, and more
  • Watch Administrator Events: failed user connection attempts, failed Operator attempts, server changes, Service restarts, Config File changes and more
  • With these tools an IRC administrator section or Help Desk can view and respond to server situations proactively and instantly
  • Control and Maintenance
    Trusted IRC Chat Server has gone beyond other server model and has the ability to change server settings and refresh changes into a live, running server environment
  • Administrator can now process changes and server updates without the need for an Authorized Service Interruption (ASI) or mission impact to the end users
  • The ability to change Server Banners, add Broadcast Messages, create Channel Operators, administer File Control, alter Connection Ports, the Message of the Day, Deny and Allow lists and more without affecting mission operation.

Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Global Redundancy &Reliabilty

  • Engineered capabilities to merge two or more geographically separated/online and available server access points or dedicated server/fully mirrored backups, mitigating local site failure impacts on the rest of the chat world
  • Behind the scenes Server Data and Chat Log replication between the Primary and Link servers enables side-by-side or geographically separated servers to mirror the latest Primary server-side configurations and mission chat log history preventing a single point of failure or chat data loss
  • In concert with administrative DNS change this backup capability provides swift and seamless automatic failover; minimizing downtime, requiring no setting changes on end user clients, and allowing the warfighter to continue mission essential operations in the event of a network or primary server outage
  • One server, or a series of servers, can be configured as spares in the data replication scheme providing even further redundancy in the event of an outage

Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Secure Direct Client to Client & HBSS Mirroring of File Sending Control

  • Direct Client to Client (DCC), aka file sending or file sharing, allows clients to send files back and forth (peer to peer) without taxing server resources
  • Administrators have full control of filetype sending - for instance allowing text files and document files - *.txt and *.doc - while preventing executable and installation packages - *.exe and *.msi, along with the option to disable file sending completely
  • This allows mirroring a sites Host Based Security System (HBSS) File Sending Control policies, enabling a highly requested need without compromising network and baseline security
  • Secure Direct Client to Client (SDCC) file sending, with compatible clients, adds to this feature by allowing transfer of files across SSL/TLS, encrypting the file transfer with a private key after a public key handshake



Chat History On Demand (BackChat) Sent To Client

  • This feature is essential for sites or platforms with network inconsistencies or frequent drops. Users do not miss out on critical chat.
  • On initial connect, or reconnect when dropped, users can immediately request chat history in one channel or every channel and instantly get back into the mission flow and fight
  • Instant 'one key' access to all chat history, user configurable, for the channel or room you are in
  • Users that join a channel for the 1st time can request the last 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or as much as the last 12 hours of chat history, on demand and as needed, to get spun up for the work day
  • This feature not only gets users into the mission faster - it also mitigates extra channel chatter for 'repeat' or 'repost' requests in high traffic or high priority channels for initial connect and disconnected users


Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Server Wide Broadcasts of Notifications

  • Server outage notifications and any server wide notifications are now configurable as one time broadcasts or repeatable alerts to encompass all shifts
  • Administrators can inform every user of Critical Outages, Authorized System Interruptions, Server Classifications and other server wide alerts with ease and en masse
  • All broadcasts are seen by all users (not just output to a minimized status window) and enable instant awareness to all chat participants
  • No limit on the number of unique alerts or their frequency




Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Bandwidth Savings Using Compression/Decompression Routines

  • IRC's chat protocol speed has been increased using server side 'Zip Links', enabling in-line real-time compression and decompression with up to 75% less bandwidth used
  • The most bandwidth savings are seen in cross community and cross AOR servers. Server-to-Server links pass all chat traffic between federated servers and can use the compression protocol to extensively minimize traffic passed on the network
  • Server-to-Client compression decreases traffic passed by up to 75%. This is greatly needed by high latent/low bandwidth users and may also prevent the up and down connectivity frustrations that remote sites and end units with network anomalies face



Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Channel Classification Banners

  • Channels are configured with Classification Banners identifying the highest classification level of authorized message traffic in that channel
  • Channels in Multi-Network / Partner Nation environments display different classifications based on the authorized chat level and are further controlled through Trusted Chat InfoGuard polices

Operator Channel and Room Control

  • Operator (OPs) requests, previously a high demand tasking for server administrators, have now been made manageable and, if needed, are able to be delegated to other authorized sections and limited personnel, such as an after hours helpdesk, supporting 24/7 missions
  • The OPs give a user, site or complete section 'Channel Operators' privileges for command and oversight of their rooms with the ability to set passwords, hide rooms, post/edit topics, and to kick/ban unauthorized chat participants or create invite-only channels





Security Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance

Security & Information Assurance Features


Full Mission and Whisper Private Chat Logging

  • A must have Information Assurance auditing feature to build chat timelines for mission after action reviews, investigations and other legal/official/historical purposes. Our tracking system logs provide a 100% account of every conversation passing through the single server or on a central server for linked configurations
  • Logs are secured and controlled for access to need to know elements, recorded on a centralized syslog server in a controlled access area, are easily administered, and are keyword searchable for incident review and action
  • All chat data saves are done per channel, per conversation, per day and stored in manageable/searchable folders in per type and per year/month/day structures
  • Logs contain, in addition to channel chat, all possible accountability information: IP addresses, AD name, real names, nicknames, server information, connects, exits, and more, with everything server time stamped and formatted for any document reader application
  • Ability to sync with other database systems, creating an online searchable system of record if required

Administrative Features        Compatibility Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Information Disclosure Incident Mitigation

  • Trusted IRC Server has integrated very detailed and specific features to mitigate disclosure incidents and to rapidly track, isolate and remove any chat text as needed
  • In Channel User Lists are tagged repeatedly, creating the ability to track each and every user in a channel by name and IP for each chat line typed
  • This enables a usable and manageable 'who was there' and 'how can I find them' capability at the exact time of any incident or event
  • Classification Banners | Server to Client
    • Classification banners, on server and in channel specific, the same as displayed on most controlled desktops, sent to and displayed on compatible IRC Client
    • In single or cross-community setups the IRC Client displays an administrator configurable, unobtrusive classification banner for the server and in each channel/room Window clearly establishing the highest level chat allowed in that channel/server

Administrative Features        Compatability Features       Information Assurance Compliance


SSL / TLS AES 256bit Server to Server & Client Server Encryption

  • Strategic Enterprise environments are enabled with secure communications means through compatible clients
  • Data passed through any of the server-to-server or server-to-client links cannot be modified by anyone and can only be viewed by authorized users in the IRC channel
  • Multi channel/port capable: this server platform is capable of running both secure, Standards-based secure transport protocols via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and non-secure IRC modes on any network ports. This is essential during client non-secure to secure transition phases and for legacy applications that cannot be adapted to secure architectures
  • Encryption is updated as required to support evolving security needs and regulations
  • IP filtering: on a secure server model where you must allow or waiver an intranet application to have non-SSL access, you can limit access or allow access (whitelist or blacklist) an IP or group of IPs

Administrative Features        Compatability Features       Information Assurance Compliance


LDAP User and Password Authentication - Server Client

  • The ability authenticate user access against Windows Active Directory LDAP servers
  • Domain level Username and Password authentication now provides a means for accountability and control
  • All details, such as the LDAP URI, the DN to search in, search terms, error and rejection messages, and more are configurable for logging, tracking and troubleshooting purposes
  • Can be used in conjunction with integrated security and engineered linking features to implement cross-domain solutions

Administrative Features        Compatability Features       Information Assurance Compliance


Network Port Assignment  Control / Default 6667 is no longer a security issue

  • Port Range 6665 thru 6669, with default Port 6667, is IRC's default range. This is also the port range that worms, viruses, Trojan horses and spyware may target for vulnerabilities. As a result HBSS and Antivirus programs actively block this port at the Operating System while Network Administrators routinely block this port on the enclave firewall
  • In direct response to this Malware IRC security concern, Trusted IRC Server can allocate any single port and port range connections so the client and server can move away from port range 6665 thru 6669, and to a 'Green Port' and range allowed by your Network Administrators and security guidelines
  • This keeps your network and baseline standards in place without compromising them for chat

Administrative Features        Compatability Features       Information Assurance Compliance

Interoperability, Compatibility, and Technical Requirements


3rd Party Application Support

  • Maintaining Compatibility with all IRC clients and products in mission use to date. Support for scripting in multiple chat products, with specific compatibility and testing tied to Chat Surfer, mIRC, Pidgin, Mako and Microsoft Chat.
  • Multiple unique mission programs are designed to interact with IRC. Some of these can extract posted data to be used in external geographic plotting programs or in office applications that import/export chat data
  • Google Earth KML data extraction and similar planning tools and data programs have specifically been modeled into, and tested within, Trusted IRC Server's application elements
  • We have adapted our server to interact effectively with these unique programs and can configure denial, access or interactivity based on local policies as directed
  • We provide contracted, continuing support for these evolving 3rd party programs and their integration into our server platform

Administrative Features         Security Features        Information Assurance Compliance


Highly Upgradeable and Configuarable

  • An ever vigilant environment's requirements must change and adapt, but any downtime to initiate changes may have a mission impact. Our server platform is configured for this contingency
  • We have built the server into a highly modular format conforming to any need to enable, disable, or modify any of the extended elements of the server allowing you to choose all, some or none of the options available
  • This in turn gives the ability to add, remove or update server level components by transparently 'refreshing' the server to encompass these changes without downtime, server rebuilding or user impact
  • Site specific modification or network wide requested changes and updates can be made and integrated into an existing, in use platform that does not affect the server's core integrity and reliability or result in downtime

Administrative Features         Security Features        Information Assurance Compliance


Requirements on Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 and NT/XP/7/8/10 platforms

  • Optimum Hardware/Software Requirements
    Windows Server 2008 R2 64 Bit
    2 GB RAM
    Pentium 4 or better running on any server form-factor or Virtual Machine
    100 MB disk space for installed Trusted IRC Chat Server software
    500 MB disk space (minimum) for chat log storage, long term
    This above platform has been operationally tested at 40000 client connections and is optimal for archiving/retrieval purposes of chat logs, SSL and compression/decompression module handling


  • Minimum Hardware Requirements
    Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and NT4/XP/Vista/7/8 platforms
    500 MB RAM
    Pentium 4 or better
    100 MB disk space for installed Trusted IRC Chat Server software
    100 MB disk space (minimum) for chat log storage if enabled

Administrative Features         Security Features        Information Assurance Compliance


Information Assurance Compliance & Approach

  • Addressing and Complying with Defense Information Systems Agency Security Technical Information Guide (DISA STIGs) security requirements and recommendations, allowing Trusted Chat IRC Server to be placed on any network or mission environment:
    • Auditing - Server Chat: Full Server Chat Logging - logins, logouts, meeting attendances, mission topic changes, data access, physical access, etc. - with all possible accountability information: IP addresses, AD name, real names, nicknames, server information, connects, exits with everything server time stamped and formatted for any document reader application
    • Auditing - System Events: all user, system and application events for IRC - including administrator changes, server restarts, administrator success/fail attempts, stats requests, etc. - saved independently from Server Chat in priority files based on general level or administrator level events
    • Audit File Save Location: all audit log files can be recorded on a centralized syslog server in a controlled access area - user configurable as to data save locations
    • File Transfers (DCC): control of filetype sending such as allowing text files and document files - *.txt and *.doc - while preventing executable and installation packages - *.exe and *.msi. Administrators have full file sending control along with the option to disable file sending completely
    • Prevent IM Scripting Capabilities: this is done via the File Transfers control above
    • Server to Server Security: IRC servers configured to use encryption to protect information from unauthorized users - SSL / TLS AES 256 bit Server to Server (Links) Encryption
    • Client to Server Security: IRC clients configured to use encryption to protect information from unauthorized users. SSL/TLS connection - SSL / TLS AES 256 bit Client to Server Encryption
    • Nickname and Username Control: Controlled by instituting Nickserv modules allowing nickname registration with a password
    • Red Ports - Green Ports: Red Ports pose a high risk for routine use and Green Ports are allowed for use within the DoD. Trusted Chat IRC Chat Server can allocate single port and port range connections determined by your network administrators
    • Access Control: Ensure unauthenticated users cannot join or participate - Section/site administrative control of channels giving the ability to post/edit topics, limiting users by bans / kicks / invites only, setting passwords, etc. as authorized. Server administrative control can be used to allow or ban users by nickname, IP address, or host mask
    • Server Classification and Channel Classification Banners posted for all users and editable by you your environments.
    • In cross-classification environments file and data control are further secured and controlled by administrators, along with the ability to set multiple classification banners dependent on mission  chat classification
  • We've changed the program to work with the security rules, not the security rules to work with the program
  • Our product's continues to evolve and adapt to mission and security needs via customer inputs