The Trusted Chat Toolkit is a set of comprehensive back end tools that help network administrators ensure server uptime and performance through real-time monitoring of critical network performance and security statistics.

Trusted IRC Server and Trusted Chat Gateway are built with self-reporting and diagnostic features enabling administrators with the Trusted Chat Tools complete situational awareness of servers and user events.

Key Features

  • Monitor normal user events such as Connects and Disconnects, stamped by time, date and IP address
  • View real-time and historical statistics such as User Counts, User Stats, Nick Name Changes and Topic Changes
  • Get real time Server Statistics such as a total user counts, number of user occupied channels,  global user count histories and more
  • Monitor linked servers in the network and report any inconsistencies instantly to the desktop
  • Monitor user counts and IP address ranges to better determine network wide issues for global reaching servers
  • Monitor services drops, unauthorized administrator access attempts, and all other date/time/user/IP reporting metrics passing through the server 
  • Monitor all event, real-time, from multiple locations
  • No other secure chat server solution offers any of these powerful real-time features
  • Trusted Chat Toolkit’s main purpose is to allow system owners and administrators the ability to proactively maintain their networks and respond instantly to server and network situations, keeping the end user in the mission and on task