The Trusted Chat Gateway is a robust solution that bridges XMPP and IRC Chat together in a real-time, secure and usable environment. This solution is for warfighter networks needing to link IRC and XMPP users together, with our Gateway Solution seamlessly accomplishing this task.

The Trusted Chat Gateway, working hand-in-hand with the Trusted Chat InfoGuard, creates the ultimate CROSS-NETWORK, CROSS-COMMUNITY, CROSS-PROTOCOL chat solution.

Unify different CHAT PROTOCOLS and unique CHAT NETWORKS together in a common chat environment and channels, and, utilizing the features from Trusted Chat InfoGuard, in compartmentalized, secure chat groupings, with every element owner configurable

Key Features

  • The Trusted Chat Gateway bridges XMPP and IRC users together in a single, collaborative mission chat environment. 
  • Trusted Chat Gateway, coupled with Trusted IRC Server’s InfoGuard features allow a solution for combined, cross-community and cross network chat, in controlled and secured chat channels, compartmentalized by classification needs and fully controlled and configured by system owners.
  • The Tactical Chat Gateway translates the XMPP ‘User Rooms’ into IRC Server ‘User Channels’.  The Server-to-Gateway-to-Server translation is seamless and transparent to the end users. 
  • An XMPP user’s client connects to an XMPP Room.  This Room is configured in the Trusted Chat Gateway to link to a corresponding Trusted IRC Server and authorized Channel. 
  • The Trusted Chat IRC Server syncs chat traffic between the XMPP Room and IRC network of Channels.  IRC and XMPP users join in one synchronized chat space as if they were all on the same network.
  • When linked with Trusted Chat IRC Server, configured with add-ons as a Trusted Chat InfoGuard, multiple users have the ability to communicate in All User Channels users or in specific Grouped Channels, maintaining a controlled environment for multiple classification groupings
  • Trusted Chat Gateway’s software mission is to connect users using two separate protocol networks (IRC and XMPP), used either by design, necessity or choice, into a single controlled, effective and secure chat environment for in-fight, cross-community coordination.