Photo of Tony DePasquo. The CEO and Founder of Trusted Solutions, LLC.

Tony DePasquo


Tony DePasquo is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Trusted Solutions.  He directs the company’s overall efforts to support its government and DoD customers in the development and integration of critical information technology (IT) systems.  He is the creator and driving force behind product development and enhancements to meet future requirements.

Tony is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and brings more than twenty years of security, technology and leadership experience to meeting customer needs.  He has specific experience engineering and disseminating IRC, XMPP and other tactical chat architectures throughout DoD and NATO networks.  His mission focused, hands-on involvement with end users and systems, as well as his collaborative mindset give him a unique, valuable perspective into real world scenarios and situations involving secure chat technology.

He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in Global Technology Management.

CONTACT:  [email protected]

Photo of John Nalls. The Chief Operating Officer for Trusted Solutions.

JC Nalls


JC Nalls is responsible for operations and business development at Trusted Solutions.  He is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, combat veteran, and attack helicopter pilot.  JC served as a military planner at the Army Division and Army Headquarters levels, and as a policy analyst and advisor with the Secretary of Defense staff and the U.S. State Department.  He is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), and has first hand experience with the impact of tactical chat communications on the battlefield.

CONTACT:  [email protected]

Photo of Darren Christianson. The Chief Research and Development Strategist

Darren Christianson



Darren Christianson is the Chief Strategy Officer for Trusted Solutions.   He is tasked with identifying, researching, and implementing initiatives that will enhance the company’s position, while simultaneously improving how Trusted Solutions serves its customers.  Darren offers over two decades of project management, strategy design, and media management experience.  Prior to joining Trusted Solutions, Darren was a projects coordinator under contracts that served USSOCOM, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (A), and various US Special Operations units.

CONTACT:  [email protected]


Trusted Solutions Team Graphic

Trusted Solutions Team


The Trusted Solutions Team consists of professionals with extensive and varied backgrounds in civilian, military and government environments. A wide knowledge base of organizational programs, policies and procedures coupled with highly dedicated and motivated individuals brings a diverse intensity into the projects we undertake.

Our team members have specific experience as Enterprise Chat Engineers and as In Mission Administrators on a variety of military networks, giving them the ability to stay on target and sync with the warfighter's mission. This understanding and insight allows our team to develop sharply focused products and solutions that integrate with existing platforms, or ones that are developed from the ground floor up.

Our team consists of U.S employees working to meet organizational needs, on or off site, with 24/7 reach back support and critical on-site support and assistance anywhere in the world.  For more on our technical and mission support see our mission support page.


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Contact us at [email protected]  or contact via phone at +1 (615) 975-5625.