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Mission Ready!

"Anytime, Anywhere, and In Any Mission Environment"

Trusted Solutions' support team is dedicated to providing continuous reach back and front-line support for Command and Control customers in operational environments.

In many instances chat is the most effective means to collaborate, continuing to operate when other essential lines of communications are down or degraded.

Understanding this demand, its critical use in coordination, integration, and execution, and its ability to save lives is why we are available around the clock to ensure your mission requirements.

World Wide On-Site Setup

Regardless of location or situation our US staff provides hands on-site installation, setup and operational testing.

Currently using another chat server software?  Having issues finding or integrating chat solutions for single or cross-community needs?  Proprietary customer specific scenarios and solution models engineered to meet your needs.

On-Site Training

For a single instance or on a recurring, rotational basis we can develop a training strategy and schedule to fit your needs.

Schedule us for pre-deployment chat training on client and server systems. Or Sync our team with changeover and employee rotations, providing continuous hands on group military/contractor training to get your personnel up to speed on newly inherited systems

24x7 Reach Back Support

An emergency on your part ALWAYS constitutes one on ours and we provide that level of commitment until your issues are resolved and your questions are answered.

We provide the solid continuity of support and knowledge sharing through employee rotations, and always remain prepared for front line critical responses to your needs.

Product and Capability Customization

Need to meet a new mission, capability, or feature requirement immediately?  Have requirements that need defining, and solutions built? Mission requirements are dynamic and what works today may be insufficient tomorrow.

With Trusted Solutions you have full software and program management control, and a guaranteed instant 24/7/365 support response.  As a customer you have a direct and immediate line of communication to implement changes or customizations that best fit your operational requirements.

Chat Program Administration On-Site Support

We have the Program Management expertise to control and guide IRC chat, XMPP chat and other collaborative tools for multiple commands and to provide synced, intra-command solutions.  We provide Physical 'on-site' and 'in seat' contractual support and training, and are also available for short term and long term position requirements.


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Contact us at [email protected]  or contact via phone at +1 (615) 975-5625.

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