Our Open Source Philosophy

We believe Open Source software and code components speed up development efforts for our DoD customers.  Our experience has demonstrated to us that open source is never a FREE OPTION.  In most cases, open source applications cannot provide any robust mission capabilities.  Actual mission capabilities must be developed, tested, ensured and consistently sustained.

As an act of transparency and openness, below are the open source libraries and base codes SENTINEL employs.  We use these tools to speed up development and provide base functions on which we develop actual mission driven, operator requested capabilities.


  • Libcommuni: The Communi Project  - Baseline IRC protocol Framework
  • ECM: Extra CMake Modules  - provides common build settings used in software produced


  • Kitem Models - Part of the Qt model-view framework


  • SpdLog -  Compiler Assistance / Automation - Original Authors Gabi Melman and other contributors