The Most Trusted Secure Chat Solutions in the World.

With hundreds of missions a day being coordinated on our secure chat platform, warfighters have come to depend on our software’s capability, reliability and  no-fail technical support.  Our veteran led perspective responsively assists our DoD client’s global mission efforts.  Our DoD approved technology provides the flexible platform architecture to meet their ever-evolving mission requirements.

Trusted Chat provides simultaneous IRC and XMPP chat capabilities, and bridges these protocols seamlessly across multiple domains, networks, and communities.

Trusted Chat Server

Trusted Chat Server is the most advanced multi-server / multi-network / cross-domain secure chat solution in the World and is widely deployed by many US military and DoD agencies.

Trusted Chat InfoGuard

This critical security feature gives admins the capability to link chat servers in cross domain / cross classification environments while maintaining user communication, access, and file sharing control

Trusted Chat Gateway

Finally a robust solution that bridges XMPP and IRC Chat:  For military networks wanting to link IRC and XMPP users together, our Gateway Solution provides the way to seamlessly accomplish this task.

Trusted Chat Toolkit

Comprehensive back end tools that help network administrators ensure server uptime and performance through real-time monitoring of critical network performance and security statistics.

Trusted Customer Support

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Mission Environment.  On-site installs, training, and custom capability development. The Trusted Solutions team is ready to support our customers 24 / 7/ 365.  Put Us to the Test, Now!